Ben Johnston


Brand Identity Design


• Brand identity and logo design

• Graphic design and visual communication

• Photography, videography and Photoshop

• Written message and copywriting


Company Information:

Creative Communication

Brand identity is creative communication that captivates customers, engages employees and conveys a company’s competitive edge.

It is a shared understanding of a company’s core purpose and story.

Evocative works with companies through every step of the branding process: from clarifying who the company is and the core reason why they do what they do, right through to delivering the final design and execution of the brand identity.

Collaboration is key—as is courage, conviction, creativity and communication.

Strategic and evocative branding empowers businesses to:

• Guide direction and decisions based on the vision, mission and values of the business

• Increase staff morale and productivity via clarity of and engagement with the brand

• Communicate with clients and customers who identify and connect with the story

• Stand out and differentiate from competitors to be successful and profitable

Brand identity design process:

• Conduct research

• Clarify strategy

• Design identity

• Create touchpoints

• Launch brand