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Dan Sugars and Doug Fleming



Reality Check: Applying Virtual Reality to the real world of business

You’ve most likely heard of 360 photos/videos, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) before, but do you realise how easily integrated and significant this tech could become in your business marketing strategy? Analyst Heather Bellini from Goldman Sachs predicts the VR/AR industry to be worth $80billion within the next 10 years and the potential applications for this technology expands much wider than entertainment and computer games.


Doug and Dan have created commercial applications of 360/VR for some of Australia’s largest companies and are excited to show you how you can incorporate this technology in your digital marketing strategy, using a common sense approach that doesn’t require bottomless budgets or IT wizardry to operate.


You will learn how with 360 photos/videos, VR and AR you can:

Apply simple steps to embrace this technology

Increase your business awareness and impact

Engage customers in new and innovative ways

Put yourself on cutting edge of your field