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Bowen Therapy is a non-invasive, gentle hands on musculoskeletal therapy which can be highly effective on acute and chronic conditions. People of every age and background – from children to the elderly and athletes can benefit equally from this amazing modality.

A series of small but specific rolling moves over key muscles and tendons assist you body to return to it’s ‘blueprint’ relaxed state.

Bowen Therapy doesn’t just work on your muscles but can have a profound effect on the whole person.

Some of the areas of concern that Bowen therapy is most often called on to treat are:
Headaches, Sciatica, Neck / Shoulder / Back pain, Pelvic tilt, TMJ, Knee / Ankle, Tennis elbow, Carpal Tunnel pain, Stress and sporting / accident injuries.

This is a greatly abbreviated list of health concerns that Bowen works on. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’m always happy to discuss your health options.

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Gregg McDonald Dip B.T.