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Wellbeing for Life


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Company Information:

At Wellbeing for Life our passion and focus is health and nutrition – helping people make simple decisions which have a positive impact on their health.

We do this through workshops on Fermented Foods where we teach people how to #liveclean on the inside of their body through healing the gut. Eating some fermented food everyday provides a continuous supply of beneficial bacteria, which supports the immune system, enhances your mood, delivers nutrient dense food, and is tasty!

We complement this #liveclean “on the inside” strategy with Modere #liveclean products “on the outside” – personal care, health and wellness, and home care products designed to be safer for you, your family, your home and our planet.


Modere is backed by 25+ years of research & development into products that focus on these lifestyle essential products.


“You don’t have to be sick to feel better!”  And we can help everyone make simple changes in their life to start feeling better – to enhance their Well-being for Life.