Every year at the combined Christmas Party for KBN, we give out the Networker of the Year Award. This goes to the member that has put the most into KBN, by referrals, key meetings and supporting the groups by inviting guests.

Below is each year winner.

Lynne Sturgess from Precision Loans was awarded the 2014 KBN Networker of the Year.

This award is measured by the amount of referrals given, the number of Key Meetings taken place and how many guests invited to KBN. Regurlar attendance is also very important in measuring who should be given the award.

Lynne was very active in all of these areas.

Thank you Lynne for all of the support you have given to the members and also to KBN.

Congratulations Lynne!

Derek Miles from Financial Milestones was awarded the 2013 KBN Networker of the Year.

Derek had only been a member just under 12 months but led by example displaying great networking skills- referrals, meetings and inviting guests to the meetings. Derek also appreciates the importance of attending all meetings.

Donna Stone from Stone Consulting was again awarded for the 3rd year running as the KBN Networker of the Year.

Without doubt, Donna Stone displays exceptional network skills. Donna knows that networking is a key ingredient in the marketing of any business.

Well done Donna!

For the second year running, Donna Stone from Stone Consulting has been awarded KBN Networker of the Year.

Members are encouraged to give referrals, have many Key Meetings and to have regular attendance at the meetings. Also inviting guest to the meetings is an important part of being in a network group.

Donna does exceptional work in all of these areas and is clearly the winner this year.

Congratulations Donna!

Donna Stone from Stones Consulting has been awarded the 2010 KBN Networker of the Year.

Donna is very proactive with looking for referrals that she can share with fellow KBN members. Donna also regularly invites guests to visit the KBN meetings and to have regular Key Meetings with other members.