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Key Business Network Australia

grow your business through referrals

Why choose Key Business Network?

What makes Key Business Network different?

Key Business Network is a professional business networking organisation, committed to helping small to medium businesses expand. In our professional network, members meet regularly in localised business networks to develop relationships, support each other and to share and record referral business.

Members in KBN Australia, regularly receive significant referral business to assist in the growth of their businesses and to increase profits.

Members and guests also receive regular education and business ideas from like-minded business owners and professional speakers.

KBN is well known as a very supportive and ‘user friendly’ networking group.

The philosophy of ‘Pay it Forward’ is very important when businesspeople are working together in a professional network. Key Business Network encourages its members and supporters to share knowledge, to give support and referrals without the expectation to receive the same immediately.

We want to help businesses grow!

  • Growth through helping business owners to connect and build business relationships and from there referrals and strategic alliances will take place.
  • Growth through regular professional and personal development.
  • Growth through support from other members and leaders of KBN

More than just referrals,
KBN Delivers:

  • Professional and personal development through regular guest speakers and workshops
  • Leadership roles within Key Business Network and supporting you in managing teams and KPIs
  • The opportunity to set goals and work with a support team to achieve and EXCEED your business and personal goals
  • Building a network of referral partners and strategic alliances to deliver real results
  • The opportunity to promote your business regularly to your virtual/extended sales team and online
  • KBN App and online platforms for passing and receiving referrals instantly
  • An online Referral Academy available 24/7 to dramatically improve your referral networking skills
  • Awards nights and regular social events, creating deeper relationships and recognition across the network.
  • A place for you to grow your business as part of a like-minded, supportive business community
  • Development of special interest and sector-based groups – women in business, health sector etc
  • And very importantly, a focus on quality referrals that will drive increased sales for you
Fastest Growing Business Networking Group | Key Business Network

Our core values

To accelerate the growth of businesses in Australia and beyond.

Relationship Building
Meeting and connecting with others are the first steps in networking.
The real value of being a part of our KBN community is getting to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST others and developing deep strong business relationships with others.
Pay it Forward
The philosophy of ‘Pay it Forward’ is very important when businesspeople are working together in a professional network. We encourage our members and supporters to share knowledge and referrals and give support without the expectation to receive the same immediately.
Continual Learning and Growth
Knowledge empowers people to be able to make informed decisions in their business and learning helps us to move forward and expand.
We value learning from others and tapping into the resources around us.
Community is the bases of humanity and we all have a yearning to be part of a community.
Showing gratitude and humility towards others in our community helps us to work collaboratively, support & encourage others and accomplish more together.
Personal and business relationships are built on trust!
We encourage our members to be open, transparent and authentic to foster and build trust between members.
We value those who always respect themselves and others. Being courteous when interacting with others makes for a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone.
Being accountable to oneself and to others forms the foundation of a powerful business network. This creates respectful and supportive members within the community.

Our mission is to provide an innovative and supportive environment where businesspeople are inspired to grow and to assist others to do the same.
Our culture and core values strongly reflect our mission.

Key Business Network looks for leaders in our community to work with businesses to help them grow and expand

Julie & Doug Bannister

With over 11 years experience of establishing and growing network groups in SE Queensland, Doug & Julie know what it takes to build a supportive business community where ‘the people matter’ and growth of the business is number one priority.

Julie is assisting our leaders to build local business network groups, to create the most supportive and friendly community of business people in Australia, helping businesses to grow and expand.

Janet Culpitt

Janet currently has several groups running in the Gold Coast Franchise area. Janet knows the value she brings for business people to be able to meet regularly and to form strong business relationships to share referrals. If you are looking at growing your business in this area, then contact Janet to find a group near you.

Brendan Felstead

Brendan is the Franchisee for Brisbane CBD Inner North and currently has  groups running in this area and looking to open more in the near future. Contact Brendan if you are interested in visiting a group in the Brisbane CBD and surrounds to connect with others and to expand your business through referral business.

Lana T
Lana Hill

Lana Hill is the Franchisee for Brisbane North area.  Lana has 3 breakfast groups and 1 lunch group in her area. She is passionate about expanding the KBN community to help all members grow personally and professionally. Contact Lana find out the best group for you to visit.

Sarah Pietsch & Grant Mason

Sarah and Grant are the Franchisees for the Moreton area and are passionate about helping business owners and professionals grow their network and professional networks in a friendly and supportive environment. With a strong focus on the philosophy of Know, Like and Trust, Grant and Sarah are focused on helping others grow professionally.


Connect with us
Contact us to help you become a part of our supportive and friendly business community 
PO Box 2164. Graceville East. QLD 4075