Julie & Doug Bannister

JULIE AND DOUG greenIn November 2008 Key Business Network was founded by Doug & Julie Bannister. They realised there was a need for a professional networking group that provided a more cost effective membership along with a friendly and more ‘user friendly’ networking group.

Doug & Julie have been in part time businesses for over 25 years whilst still in full time employment. They know the importance of networking and have learnt many network skills over that time.

When deciding the structure of Key Business Network and the format of the regular meetings, Doug and Julie ensured that key Components of network were included. In this professional network there is a system to share and record referral business and to provide opportunities to develop relationships.

Doug & Julie also realise that regular education and business information is important for business owners and also employees. Key Business Network provides members and guests the opportunity to work ‘on their business’ each week when they attend a meeting. Small to medium business people often find it difficult to find professional, cost effective and useful business information on a regular basis. Members are able to share ideas and support one other in achieving their business goals.

We believe that the philosophy of ‘Pay it Forward’ is very important when business people are working together in a professional network. Key Business Network encourages its members and supporters to give knowledge, support and referrals without the expectation to receive the same immediately.



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